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Barbara Terry’s 10 favorite cars with sex appeal, plus one

One of my coolest friends the other day asked me what my 10 favorite cars that I felt oozed enormous amounts of sex appeal are. As I shuffled engines, fenders, trannys, torque and all of the other components that make up the manufacturer’s models through my complex brain I quickly came up with my list of 10… plus one.

Some of you may agree with my picks while others will find fault and disagree but that is fine because we are all allowed our own opinion being as we have different tastes and turn-ons in life.

As I list my 10 I will try my best to put into words why these 10 stand out to me and make me want to go from 0 -120 just thinking and daydreaming about them.

1) Dodge Viper. The first time I laid my eyes upon the fascinating curves of the Viper was at the Texas State Fair the year before it rolled out onto the dealer’s showroom floors. What other car on the road put out by an American company when it first came out in the 90’s can make this type of statement…NONE.

2) Chevrolet Camaro 1967 -1969 model/body style. I have been a fan of this era camaro for years. One of my buddies in high school had a 1968 SS/396 big block that we would frequently open-up late at night on a dark country highway in small town Texas. There was nothing like the rush of sitting in the driver’s seat and feeling the amount of horsepower throughout your whole body that definitely makes your blood boil from its pure muscle.

3) Porsche 911 Turbo 993 and 996 model/body style. I have always said that the gearshift in the 911 turbo is more like a joystick, oh the fun and thrill of grabbing onto one of these.
  4)  Morgan Roadster…any year! Every since I saw the movie “The war of the Roses” I have been drooling over this cute but sophisticated machine.

5) Ford Mustang 1964 ½ - 1973 model/body style. Who can forget the movie Bullitt with Steve McQueen and that 68 he drove. Hot!

6) Chevrolet Corvette 1973 - 1979 model/body style. Two words…Beef cake. Most importantly the Corvette is powered by 2 of my favorite engines, the 350 and the 454.

7) Nissan 300ZX 1990- 1996 model/body style. This era of the 300ZX was the only sporty car of its kind on the road back then that made such an unmistakable statement as it zoomed past you on the freeway.

8) Lamborghini Gallardo. Do I really need to even say anything about the hottest car out there? I am in love and want to marry a Gallardo. Stick a fork in me I am done, the Gallardo completes me!

9) Volkswagen Beetle convertible, 1971 – 1979, well actually it is called the “Super Beetle”. No other car is better fit for a Sunday afternoon drive hitting the local flea markets and quaint antique shops while spending some of your hard earned cash and of course cruising with the top put down.

10) Ford GT 2005- 2006. Please someone let me know the team of designers of the one of a kind Ford GT; they deserve the reward for the sweetest design of the century.

Plus one…Land Rover Defender 1994 -1997 model/body style Okay, can someone get to the bottom of why Land Rover stopped making the Defender and has not brought it back? Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of the classic Toyota Land-cruisers and the Jeep Wranglers but the Defender is the Godfather of this class, it is unique and top of the line bumper to bumper, in and out.

As you can tell I did not mention the custom conversions for instance, the Shelby, Saleen, etc etc, I wanted to keep this about base models right off the factory assembly line. Of course all of the above favorites are pictured in my head being composed of my favorite color combo which is black on black, with the passenger window rolled down and my yellow lab Rocky hanging out drooling as he rides shotgun!

Barbara Terry

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